The word taweez is an Urdu rendering(Naqash Kari) of the Arabic word ‘ta’weedh’ which is another word used for tameemah. A tameemah can be defined as an object which is hung  on someone or something with the belief that it has the power to repel harm or bring about good fortune. Therefore the words taweez and tameemah are often translated as  amulet, charm or talisman. The reality today is that most taweez which are sold to unaware victims contain things which no common man can explain. These taweez contain numbers, grids, letters, diagrams, symbols, etc. which are all based on the practices of magicians and Cabbalists.  In some cases, taweez have been found to contain request or prayer to other than ALLAH, such as Angels, Prophets and even Jinns.

Hmary moashry main taweez aur kala jaado bout ahmeyat ikhtar kr schuka hi. Log apny masly laey k peeron k pass jaty hain llakein koi khas kameyabi ni melti. Ap hum sy rabta karin Insha Allah ap ko zaroor kameyabi melye gi. Hum ap ki mushklat noori ilam sy door karin gye.

Taweez hamara mehboob apka abhi rabta karein,abhi mehboob ko hasil karein.taweez for love.


Taweezat|Spiritual and Rohani Taweez for Children Disease

Roohani Shifa presents another Free Taweez for children diseases. This Taweez is proven to be very successful taweez for children diseases.

Use of this Rohani Taweez

* Print the Rohani Taweez for pain and put it into a leather fitting( where you can feel it safe).
* Tie this Roahni Taweez on to you arm or you can use it as a necklace.
* Respect the Rohani Taweez and don’t disrespect it in anyway.

Note: If you have any questions about this Taweez, ask them via comments section below. Thanks.




Taweez For Pain:

Spiritual and Rohani Tawez for Pain. Here is a Tawez for Rohani and Spiritual treatment of any kind of pain .its use is very simple and every one can use it.

Use of this Rohani Tawez

Following is the methodology to use this rohani tawez.

* Print the Rohani Tawez for pain and put it into a leather fitting( where you can feel it safe)
* Tie this Roahni Tawez on to you arm or you can use it as a necklace.
* Respect the Rohani Tawez and don’t disrespect it in anyway.



Taweez for Illness and Job:

Assalam O Alaykum Every One . Many people request Roohani Shifa to share Taweezat for job and success. Today Roohani Shifa presents a taweez for success and taweez for job for those people who are jobless. This Taweez can also be very useful for the treatment of disease or illness.

How to Use This Taweez:
Use this Naqsh (Table in which numbers are written) and put it into water and use that water for the patient for 3 days. After 3 days change the Naqsh(Table in which numbers are written) and put new naqsh in water and again give it to patient.

Other Benefits :
This is a taweez for success and the major benefit of this taweez is ease in the getting a job or succcess in business if put it on you arm in a form of package . Also this is useful for goodwill of home and your shop or business if you keep it on mentioned places.



 NOTE : Ijazat lena zaroori ha.

            99 Names of Allah Rohani Ilaj with 99 Names of Allah


99 Names of Allah are great and their important nature has been explained in the Holy Quran and Hadith of Prophet Muhammad( PBUH). In Islamic Spiritual Healing and Rohani Ilaj, 99 Names of Allah can help us get rid of many problems and evils if recited properly and regularly. Below are given meanings and accurate ways of reciting 99 Names of Allah. We hope that this information about 99 Names of Allah may help you in obtaining the purity of soul and help improve your spiritual health.